Avenged Sevenfold, Hovefestivalen 08 (by NRK P3)


day 224

still bitter about tara knowles


Here’s our latest video blog, from our recent ‘Bare Bones’ headline dates in the UK & Europe, there’s sweat, snow and potentially fatal icebergs!


So, in the wake of reading this terrifying shit, Postcard and I started chatting, as you do, about the zombie apocalypse. Here are some things Postcard and I enjoy: zombie media, common sense, and YELLING ABOUT STUFF. Thus, for your reading pleasure, please enjoy our simple twenty-step guide to NOT DYING in the unlikely event that a zombie apocalypse ravages humanity:
  1. IN THE EVENT OF AN ACTUAL APOCALYPTIC SITUATION, ASSUME THAT THE FOLLOWING THINGS ARE GOING TO STOP WORKING: running water (this includes toilets); anything that relies on electricity (this includes gas pumps); anything that relies on natural gas lines (this includes gas stoves/central heat); basically, anything that relies on there being a factory of some variety at the other end of thing you want to make do stuff. THAT’S ALL GONNA BREAK. THIS INCLUDES THE INTERNET. Thus, the most important thing to do in the event of a zombie apocalypse is: 
  2. RESEARCH. For as long as you possess the internet, do everything you can to learn as much as possible. Research edible/medicinal plants (or seriously, go into a bookstore and loot your shit a guidebook, they’re not large, they sell little tiny ones, you can put it in your pocket, WHY DOES EVERYONE IN EVERY ZOMBIE MOVIE NOT DO THIS). Research, from available information, how the zombies work/which of their senses are functional—for example, if they operate largely by smell, you want to work on smelling not alive. If they operate largely by sight, DON’T LIGHT FIRES AT NIGHT. And speaking of fires…

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At what point is technology going to get sophisticated enough that I can have a tumblr savior that will block Dallon Weekes’ face from my dash regardless of whether it was tagged? 


commander shepard gives me hope because commander shepard couldn’t dance, couldn’t drive, couldn’t maintain conversations, couldn’t sleep through the night, couldn’t please everyone, and still managed to do some pretty great stuff and make out with aliens




If you cheat on someone that you claim that you ‘love’ then you’re honestly the definition of trash


"cheating’s a deal breaker"

and yet tara is the one who quote-unquote knew what she was getting into, i am js the prince got warned in clearer terms than she ever did.